Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – Feb. 25/16-It’s a Dog’s Life

The high winds, tornado watch and angry sea has left us with a bit of a cold front.  That doesn’t stop any of us getting onto the beach and walking our fur babies with our new and old forever friends.  The mood is a little moot.  Many of us are going to be saying good-bye (for now) to new friends with memories tucked into our hearts.  This will have to do until we all see each other again next year.  Kim and Claudio (Mecca) and Christine and Phil (Olive) will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning.  There will be tears.  No doubt about it.  But for now, let’s just be in the moment and relive our day…..

Starting with the morning walk:-

Phil with OliveFebruary 25-2

Tammi, Olive and Mecca

February 25-29

Brody joins in!

February 25-34

Brody and Olive having a dip

February 25-13

But really Olive had her eyes on the ball all along!

February 25-22

Sooz, Christine, Trev & Mecca

February 25-6

Um….I’m not sure what Mikey is doing here?  Either the wind is blowing him over, or he’s rejoicing at something!

February 25-7

February 25-8

Kim, Claudio and Mikey

February 25-10

Initially, we thought this was a balloon…but apparently it came from the sea.  There were a couple on the beach.  Anyone know what this is?

February 25-35

Oh my!  I know this guy’s name starts with a “T”…I think…so beautiful!

February 25-16

Mecca girl!

February 25-25

Phil, Christine and Olive…how fun is this for her?February 25-33

February 25-15


February 25-62

Pelicans!February 25-28

Beautiful Clover

February 25-58

February 25-66

February 25-65

February 25-39

Trev and Brody having a moment.

February 25-40


February 25-42

Kim, Claudio and Mecca

February 25-44

Puddles of Puppies

February 25-47

Nancy’s Journey who loves to hug!

February 25-52

Mother and Daughter

February 25-60

All good things must come to an end.  Last walk of the year for the who gang together…

February 25-64

The afternoon was a lazy one.  I washed my shells, fed the turtles and prepared for my afternoon photo shoot.  Mikey washed the car and he and Sooz took the pups for their afternoon walk on the beach.  Trevor rested in front of the sand dunes, sitting on an adirondack chair that he found on the beach.  In the mean-time, the Golden pups had a little photo shoot in front of the pond.

Sneak Peeks of the Golden’s Photoshoot….

Nancy’s Journey

February 25-76

Jann’s Clover

February 25-68

Jann’s Magical

February 25-75

Dinner with the Lewin’s and then crashed early.  We were all tired today, which I believe had a lot to do with the night before!

I’ll leave you with this…



Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 24/16 – Don’t Panic….it’s the beets!

HOLY SMOKES!  What a ride last night!  House shaking, bed shaking, dog shaking! Thankfully all here at Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals: Pet Friendly Beach and Rentals are safe and avoided the devast…

Source: Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 24/16 – Don’t Panic….it’s the beets!

Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 24/16 – Don’t Panic….it’s the beets!

HOLY SMOKES!  What a ride last night!  House shaking, bed shaking, dog shaking! Thankfully all here at Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals: Pet Friendly Beach and Rentals are safe and avoided the devastation that Pensacola and other Gulf states endured.  Prayers going out to all the families affected.

The sea was very angry this morning!  It also took away our beach, so our walk this morning ended shortly after it began –

This is one angry sea!

Feb. 24-33

Feb. 24-34

Feb. 24-35

Feb. 24-36

Check out these waves!

Feb. 24-37

Feb. 24-38

Feb. 24-40

Feb. 24-41

Feb. 24-42

It was so windy and you can see just how so with this guy!

Feb. 24-43

Just one more sea picture…I was fascinated!

Feb. 24-44

We got bandana’s!  Yay!  Brody and Tammi thank you Jann!

Feb. 24-46

..endless pocket of treats!

Feb. 24-47

My treat hound and our fabulous friends!

Feb. 24-48

Feb. 24-49

Feb. 24-50

We just couldn’t walk the pups on the beach as the sea claimed it, so we decided that on our way to Apalachicola to shop, pick up some sea food for tonight’s dinner with the Lewin’s and Phil and Christine, we stopped at Salina’s beach…but not much better there either.  We opted to run the pups in Salina’s park for a while to tire them out!

Once we arrived in Apalachicola, Sooz and I quickly lost the guys as we slipped into stores to shop for Grandkids Souvenir’s and Sooz for yet another turtle.  As I left Sooz in the turtle store, I headed to pick up a Christmas Ornament for my collection –  I didn’t see her struggling with one, so I assume she left it for next year.

My tummy started growling for some grub at The Owl – Amazing place to eat in Apalachicola – the shrimp taco’s are very yummy!  The hunt was on for the boys and our pups…hmmmmm.  Where could they be?

Of course!  Oyster City Brewing Company!  They welcomed our dogs with open arms in this open air brewery.  The boys loved their brews (not to mention it had 8% alcohol and they had a smile on their faces!).

Feb. 24-3

Feb. 24-4

After a delicious lunch (our 4th visit to the Owl), and leaving the boys with the bill, we headed to Oyster Bones for some goodies for our furbabies.  Off to Thirteen Mile Seafood for fresh oysters in the shell.  They are so reasonable, at $20.00 for a quarter bushel (about 4.5 doz!)..then off to St. Joe Shrimp Co to get the BEST Grouper and Shrimp around!

So we’re off to Phil and Christine’s to prepare dinner and I deliberately left my camera at home, but brought the trusty IPHONE…

View from Christine & Phil’s balcony!  WOW!

Feb. 24-5

Feb. 24-6

We’ve never had oysters on the grill before!  Phil was in charge of these babies and they were awesome!

Feb. 24-8

Feb. 24-9

Amazing how you can meet such wonderful people, which we hope will be forever friends! Sooz, Trev and Mikey and I already are!

Feb. 24-10

Christine is the PERFECT Hostess!  Thank you SO much for the “Life is Good” dress!Feb. 24-11

Feb. 24-13

Boys cookin’ up a seafood feast (and messing up Christine’s kitchen!)

Feb. 24-14

Grilled Oysters!

Feb. 24-15

…here’s the BEETS and loots of yummy veggies!

Feb. 24-16

Did you say more oysters?

Feb. 24-17

..and our Raw Oysters!  Can’t decide which I like better!

Feb. 24-18

Trev checking out the Grouper Fingers….

Feb. 24-19

My man in the kitchen…there’s something sexy about your man in the kitchen!

Feb. 24-20

Our AMAZINGLY marvelous new forever friends, Christine and Phil!

Feb. 24-21

Phil, you have a pretty sneaky expression on your face…what’s with the tongs?  Mikey looks a little worried!

Feb. 24-22

Feb. 24-23

Feb. 24-24

Sooz and Christine deep in conversation.

Feb. 24-25

Did you say smile?

Feb. 24-26

Feb. 24-27

You all have a place at our dinner table anytime!

Feb. 24-28

What a good girl Olive is on her dog blanket

Feb. 24-30

Chef Trev

Feb. 24-31

Time to go home and Christine would NOT let us help clean up!  Sorry to leave the mess, but don’t “mess” with Christine!

Feb. 24-32

Thank you Christine and Phil for the wonderful company and hosting the dinner at your beautiful condo.  Love you both.

I’m feeling melancoly as our stay here at the amazing Barrier Dunes is drawing close to an end.  New friends, amazing accommodations, beautiful pet friendly beach and so many, many memories…..

I’ll leave you with this….




Cape San Blas(t)-#100happydays – February 22/23, 2016 – I Can See Clearly Now….

Well, it happens…I missed writing my blog yesterday….but I had FIVE photoshoots so I was a little busy!  However, Rick and Pat FOUND MY GLASSES!  Yay.  So thankful and just in time for the photoshoots.  As we are at one of the most beautiful beaches here at Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals:Pet Friendly Beach we all want our pictures taken on the beach.  However, the sun (love the sunshine state!) does play a little havoc on shadows and squinting.  Yesterday (being Tuesday) we photographed Scout and Cabo.  Normally I take approximately 100 shots…I think only 1 shot had the pups eyes open!  LOL…So, off to the pond we went in late afternoon when the light was just right!

Let’s go back and start with our morning walk on Monday.  A leisurely walk on the beach, but just had to get this image of beautiful girl, Tammi, as it’s not often that there isn’t a ball in her mouth!

Feb 22 and 23

Trev enjoying the pups..

Feb 22 and 23-4

This pup, Clover holds a very special part of my heart…

Feb 22 and 23-3

Feb 22 and 23-6

The water is so warm!  Too bad about the sharks….DID SOMEONE SAY SHARK????

Feb 22 and 23-5

Our “Golden” friends

Feb 22 and 23-7

Dolphins this morning!

Feb 22 and 23-8

Feb 22 and 23-9

Feb 22 and 23-11


Feb 22 and 23-10

Love these guys and how fast their little legs carry them in and out of the surf!

Feb 22 and 23-2

Once again, Sooz saves another crab.  I can’t touch them dead or alive, and Sooz just picks them up and makes sure they get back to their home instead of lunch for some pelican!

We bumped into Karen Stevenson and snapped this one!

Feb 22 and 23-13

In the late afternoon, there was a knock on our door.  There stood Pat, Rick, Cabo and Scout AND MY GLASSES!!!  Yes!  Thank you guys so much for both reading my blog and finding my glasses!  Also, thank you to whomever put them in the gazebo.  There wasn’t a scratch on them!  We arranged a photoshoot for Pat, Rick and fur babies to thank them for their efforts!

We had a lovely dinner at the Lewin’s…Best chili I think I’ve ever had.  We made cornbread to go with it and it was a lovely evening.

Now on to yesterday…..

First photoshoot was for Cabo, Scout and their humans (AND…I was able to have my glasses to see what I was shooting thanks to them!)

Check out the chest on Scout!  However, eyes closed….sigh..

Feb 22 and 23-18

Closest I could get to having the pups eyes stay open!

Feb 22 and 23-14Lovely couple…so sweet!

Feb 22 and 23-15

Beautiful, Regal and CLOSED EYES!  Yikes.  So, I requested a re-do in late afternoon

Feb 22 and 23-16

In the mean-time, Mitch and Maggie arrived for their session.  Unfortunately, Julie was laid up with a broken leg!  She fell off the boardwalk on the second day they were here!  YIKES.  So, we worked with Mitch and Maggie and offered to go to Julie later in the day to include her!

Feb 22 and 23-19

Sweet Maggie

Feb 22 and 23-20

Then it was time for John and Dan (as in Steely Dan) :O)

Feb 22 and 23-21

Dan is almost the same age as Brody to the day…Looks so much like him, ‘cept he has two eyes!


Mikey and I and Sooz jumped into the truck with our two pups and headed to “The Trading Post” to pick up some wine for dinner and guess what we found?  Yes…a t-shirt that’s logo is…”Life is Good”….as you know, this is how I end each blog!  So cool.  Sooz and I bought the same shirt (“sand by me”…Yep, I know – now you will have the song worm in your head for the rest of the day).

There is something you need to know about Sooz and I.  We have been friends for over 15 years, brought together by our (previous) fur babies.  We’ve walked a lot of forest together and we can easily break in to song.  If you say the “A” word, we cannot help blasting out “Green Alligators ..and Long Neck Geese…” for example.  So when we saw the fighter jets flying over head on our morning walk on the beach, we broke into “God Bless America” and knew all the words (well, most of them)…Jann and Nancy were stumped when we started singing “Oh Canada”

Feb 22 and 23-12

So, as we were returning from our trip to the Trading Post, we meet Jann and Nancy who say they have a surprise for us…We asked them in when they broke out into “Oh Canada” and knew each and every word!  LOL…what amazing friends we have met! xoxox

…now on to the afternoon shoots….

Julie, Mitch and Maggie

Feb 22 and 23-22

A broken leg didn’t stop her from having to hobble down the stairs to get a pic with her baby

Feb 22 and 23-23

Then, the biggest challenge of the day…getting Cobo and Scout to keep their eyes open…pleeeeeeeze!


Feb 22 and 23-25Finished just in time to go for our 4pm walk on the beach.  What a find!!  As I fell off a sand ridge close to the water, then Sooz did the same thing…we literally stumbled upon a treasure of shells! They were stuck in the ridge of sand – beautiful shells…best yet!  Yee Haw!

Mikey made a beautiful Asian chicken with jasmine rice and Sooz brought over the amazing salad (recipe from Nancy!)… talked into the evening to end an amazing day. Love those guys so much!

Brody woke us up in the middle of the night panting and panicked…We should have paid more attention to him, as there was a tornado watch.  Prayers go out to all the devastation and the three people killed throughout the gulf. Pensacola was severely hit and only 193 miles from us.

I’ll leave you with this….




Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 21st 2016 – SEE NO EVIL..

Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals – Pet Friendly Beach

That’s right….I lost my darn glasses on the beach!  If anyone finds a pair of Ray Ban – black glasses (not sunglasses), please let me know.  Thanks…..Good thing I have a spare pair, but they are both prescription lenses so valuable to me.

This is a short Blog with only two “sneak peek” photographs, as it was photoshoot on the beach this morning – so my clicking was concentrating on my wonderful furry friends with their humans and I need time to ensure they are just perfect before I send to them.

So here is beautiful Magic who own’s Jann:

Sneak peek Magical

And here is beautiful Journey who owns Nancy:

Sneak peek Journey

Love them!

Who says turtles are slow?  This guy was motoring across the road and our driveway, hopefully on his way to the pond in the backyard!


I’ll leave you with this….

IMG_7606 2

Life Is Good…..

Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – An Embarrassing February 20th

Let me explain…we headed out to our morning walk, camera in hand to take some daily shots of our beautiful beach here at Barrier Dunes.  Went to take a shot and a photographer’s worst nightmare….I forgot to put the card in the camera…hence NO PICTURES!  So, our backup iphone it is this morning!








Jann’s wonderful nieces and nephews!


Good looking fam!


We said good-bye to our guests.  Sad to see Ken and Ruth and Diane and Steve go this morning.  Had such a good time with them!

Relaxed and read during the afternoon…then it was wine o’clock and Sooz and Trev came over prior to going to the Sandpine Drive Block Party that was held by Lissa and Carol!

Such a lovely smile, Lissa!

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-46

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-48

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-53

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-47

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-5

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-43

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-3

Snowbird Meet and Greet!

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-60

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-2

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-52

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-50

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-72

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-67


Snowbird Meet and Greet!-63

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-57

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-44

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-41

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-65

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-54

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-64

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-45

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-69

It’s always wonderful to snuggle your besties..

Snowbird Meet and Greet!-75


I’ll leave you with this……



CAPE SAN BLAS(T) – #100happydays -Feb. 19/16

Oh so much to put in the blog today and fighting with whether to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather here at Wendy Jackson’s amazing, pet friendly condo or be diligent and do my blog.  The blog wins!  Grab a cup of joe…this is a long one!

Let’s start where we normally do – the morning walk!

Our amazing friends Diane & Steve who are only with us a few days, then off to spend time with their “other” friends in Southern Florida…(Just kidding guys…love having you and would love to keep you!)

February 19-2

February 19-3

Brody taking Mikey for a walkFebruary 19-4

Just fun..what more can I say?

February 19-5

February 19-6

Sooz adding to her collection….and it’s a BIG collection…

February 19-7

Contemplating life…

February 19-8

…and shell findsFebruary 19-9

And…puppy fun!

February 19-10

Our beautiful Brody February 19-11

February 19-12

February 19-13

Look at this “Crabby” guy!February 19-15

February 19-16

Olive joins us!

February 19-17

A new friend Winston!

February 19-142

Ken and  Golden goldens!

February 19-155

Jann’s family (I’m terrible with names!)February 19-152

more shell discussions

February 19-158

More friends!

February 19-149

Nothing like a stroll on the beach..

February 19-162

Olive and Winston have become fast friends!

February 19-145

Brody has a new chasing buddy!

February 19-160

February 19-151

Sooz and Diane


February 19-148

Winston’s Humans!

February 19-136February 19-143February 19-144February 19-139February 19-161February 19-159February 19-150February 19-146February 19-140February 19-153February 19-156February 19-141February 19-154February 19-157February 19-163February 19-164

Ken & Ruthie

1February 19That was our morning walk.  We all decided to enjoy this beautiful day at the beach in the afternoon.  We were watching a gent fishing for shark when he got a pelican hooked on his line!  When I saw someone walking toward them with scissors, Steve, Diane and I hurried over to help “unhook” him rather than cut him loose.  I managed to hold the fisherman’s rod and Steve grabbed the pelican’s beak.  The fishman was able to get the hook out of his beak and after a moment of stunned reality, he flew off…YAYAYAYAYAY!  So happy we were able to free him.  TEAMWORK!

THEN…..da da da dum…. If this is on you’re bucket don’t want to miss…Two-Bit Stable Horseback Riding on the Beach! Call 850-227-4744 !!!

February 19-111February 19-100February 19-102February 19-115February 19-105February 19-107February 19-135

February 19-95February 19-77I love my life!!!

Trevor…aka “Cowboy” Trev

February 19-120

Sooz…aka…sadle ’em up Sooz

February 19-122

Diane..aka..Do It Di!

February 19-124


February 19-126

Robin..aka…Ropin’ Robz

February 19-131

I will leave you with this……. We all know the sun shines out of Mikey’s A$$..and here’s proof!

February 19-128LIFE IS GOOD!……

Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays -BUCKET LIST!!

Another amazing day at Cape San Blas  I had one of the most euphoric days!  I ticked off one of my adventures in my bucket list!

When I was a tweenager and lived in Arizona, I used to horseback ride often.  Saved my pocket money and would go and “rent” a horse at the local stables.  Years (and years) ago, you could actually “rent” the horse and take them home if you wanted…as long as they were back at the required time.  So, when Diane came to visit this week with Steve and suggested that she would love to horseback ride on the beach…I was elated!  Riding on the beach was on my “bucket list”.  Wendy Jackson placed one of Two-Bit Stable cards on the fridge.   So I called and made reservations for  Jann (Magical & Clover) Diane and myself.  And what a blast we had!…We are going to do the sunset ride with our hubby’s this Friday!  I can’t wait!

But let’s start at our morning walk –

We ran into our buddy Arwin (sp?) cute is he?

Feb 17-12

And of course Soozie Q and Princess Tammi!

Feb 17-5

Our Brody having a swim

Feb 17-11

And this beauty!

Feb 17-4

Mecca, Brody and Journey with Kim

Feb 17-6

Arwin heading for a dip

Feb 17-13

Glorious sunshine!

Feb 17-7

Feb 17-14

Feb 17-3

Feb 17-15

Diane & StevieFeb 17-2



Meet Sassy…


Feb 17-28


Feb 17-29

Mikey having a heart to heart…

Feb 17-31

Cheryl from Two Bit Stable  Two-Bit Stable– 850-227-4744 giving us our lesson

Feb 17-32

Cheryl handles her horses with nothing but gentle care and lots of love.  You can readily see this in her horses.  They are very well taken care of and very gentle and obedient!

Feb 17-33

So excited!

Feb 17-35

Feb 17

Feb 17-47Jann heading out!

Feb 17-38

I believe Stevie is giving Diane’s horse a kiss?  Or, could be instructions…lol

Feb 17-39

We are off and on top of the world!

Feb 17-42

Feb 17-45

Feb 17-46

Feb 17-40

Cheryl kept a close eye on us!

Feb 17-41

How beautiful is this?

Feb 17-49

Feb 17-48

I am one blessed woman!

Feb 17-51


Feb 17-50

Best Selfie…EVER!

Feb 17-10

Feb 17-16

Can you believe these two?  Apparently they do this all the time..only with each other…have you ever seen a horse roll it’s tongue??

Feb 17-17

Feb 17-19


Feb 17-18

Feb 17-20

Feb 17-21Love it so much, our hubby’s are coming with us this Friday for a sunset ride…can’t wait!

I’ll leave you with this….



Cape San Blas(t) – #100happydays – February 16, 2016

After a great sleep, we set out for our morning walk.  This is Steve’s reaction to our beach!

FEb. 16-2

Diane is pretty impressed a well…just a little more reserved…lol

FEb. 16-3

Someone’s grinning after catching this good lookin’ red drum!

FEb. 16-4

Oh no!  Are they, are they……

FEb. 16-5

Yep…they are!  Such a happy couple!

FEb. 16-6Diane meeting one of our faves

FEb. 16-7

and the whole gang!FEb. 16-8

FEb. 16-9

beautiful girls….

FEb. 16-10


FEb. 16-11

Did I miss Magical’s heart??

FEb. 16-12

This guy has my heart!

FEb. 16-13

FEb. 16-15

FEb. 16-16FEb. 16-17After another great morning walk, we headed out to golf!  Beautiful day!

FEb. 16-20

FEb. 16-18

Don’t mess with this guy!  Just sunning himself on the course!

FEb. 16-23

What form!

FEb. 16-24

My Guy!

FEb. 16-26

All in all..a Wonderful Day here at Barrier Dunes!

I’ll leave you with this….