Life Interrupted…..

Oh yes!  It’s here!  Better late then never I say.  Spring is here!

Beautiful bed of purple flowers…


Creeks are running free…


and check out those buds!


Finally, Spring has literally and figuratively Sprung!  Thank you to our granddaughter, Emma for the wonderful indoor reminder!


The reno’s continue….s-l-o-w-l-y.  Not because we aren’t dedicated to getting it done. But because we just don’t have a lot of free time lately!  Good thing we are retired.  I don’t know how we lived our lives before.  Funny, I heard that from retired people before and just couldn’t understand it.  I think we just take on more thinking..”well, we’re retired and now we have time”!

5 1/2 hours to TAPE the two windows…but it was kinda fun…like doing a puzzle.  Speaking of puzzled, many of our neighbours walking by are thinking we have totally lost the plot with our new “look”…

FullSizeRender 31


My favorite drywaller..


Brody insists on being part of it all…

FullSizeRender 34

Speaking of Brody, on Apirl 18th, he celebrated his THIRD birthday!  My handsome boy!


And on April 19th Steve celebrated his birthday!  Oh and he’s a handsome boy too!


More fun at Claremont..

Trev, Mikey and Brody enjoying the sunshine.  Yes!  Last weekend at Claremont we were in boots and winter coats with snow!   This weekend…we had to peel off even our sweaters!

FullSizeRender 27



Dixxie girl enjoying a little dip to “cool” off!


Gotta love Sofie’s PHOTO BOMB!  LOL…



When I was a kid living in Arizona, we had two pecan trees in the backyard.  I spent a lot of time in those trees!  Not much has changed…oh I can hear the quips about being a “nut”…

FullSizeRender 28

Suz & Trev are off to England to visit family, so we have a new houseguest..Tam Tam…love this sweet girl…

This is the first few hours and she’s wondering where her humans are!


Ha, ha Brody….I got your spot!


However, she soon made herself right at home!


The closet is now always open a tad, as PollyWogs, our kitty has decided this is all too much for her…Dexter Ben is just not amuzed!

“My window with my cat tree is all taped up, all my furniture I love to lay on is now in plastic and a new PUP?”  Just wait Dexter Ben…on Saturday we get Teddy…the English Sheep Dog…yeeeeeeiiiikes!

FullSizeRender 32

Amongst all the fun, we had some sad news and unexpected visitors…Tina and Don arrived at our home on Sunday from Nova Scotia!  They arrived unannounced and poor surprised Mikey dropped his bbq utencils in shock when they showed up at our door. However, all was not happy, as Don’s Mum passed at 84.  We had a fleeting visit before our wonderful friends had to head home.  Of course, they arrived to our dishevelled MESS of paint, drywall dust and very little places to sit!  Not to mention the “smell” of paint…right Don?

Brody and Tammi are having a wonderful time running together on the trails.


FullSizeRender 33

and fetching sticks in the lake


walking the beach.  We pretend it’s Florida!

FullSizeRender 35

….and today, rolling in a dead fish…Right Tam Tam?

Back to painting my window and hopefully next blog will have the finished products….

P.S.  snow is forecast for this Monday….NOOOOOOOOOO!

I’ll leave you with this..


Life Is Good…..

April (Snow) Showers…(Hopefully) Bring May Flowers…

So what type of “Spring” are y’all having?  We aren’t!  Nope, no Spring for us in Ontario.  I love the cartoon on Facebook that has arrested Queen Elsa for her continuous singing of “Let it Snow”…enough already!  I’m done….paaaaallleease!  Not only me, but our poor birdies who were fooled into thinking that Spring was here…




Well, like all things in life…you have to make the best of it…so I do what I love…and take pictures of Mother Nature’s nasty joke…






These poor robin’s are desperately seeking something to eat!  Maybe the worms are also confused and have crawled onto the road?  NOT!


IMG_7994 3There is someone who loves the snow!


Enough complaining…..My life is full and I really do enjoy every single second of it!

Below is our Granddaughter Tessa, Abbey, youngest daughter, Melissa and youngest grandchild Emma along with our grand-niece McKinlea whos’ brother is having his 1st birthday!


Happy 1st Birthday Chace!


Emma and McKinlea.  Melissa wanted me to take this picture as McKinlea (1st born) is eating vegetables and Emma (3rd born) is eating chocolate!


So, we’ve started…and it’s a huge job.  Painting.  YUK!  I don’t like it because I’m horrible at it!  Seriously.  I’m too impatient.  Mikey has accused me of painting over the outlets. Anyway, we have cathedral ceilings – so the first thing we did is buy a scaffold.  We did the math and it would have been cheaper just to buy it.  We (don’t you love the operative “WE”) have to mud and sand a lot of the ceiling, due to cracks over the it’s a labourous job and one that is rather lethargic.  My job is to sand and paint (wish me luck!) the windows.  We are painting them white.  I’m hoping that I can do a good job and take my time.  I’m going to pretend I’m editing photos, which is precise and cannot be rushed.  Thank goodness that our good friend, Steve, is helping us!

Here is the “before” window.  There is another on the other side of the dining room as well….

IMG_8002 are such a good friend!


..and a great contractor!


For the time being, our living room and dining room are off limits..except for the dog and cats..they think they’re special.

We had a surprise from our very good friends Tina and Don who decided, on April Fools Day to get married and NOT tell anyone.  You see, they left us to move to Nova Scotia (sniff, sniff)  Congratulations…We love you both!

T&D (3 of 5)

We always teased that they should get married in Claremont, where we all met….so I had a little fun with their picture!


But it’s not all work…

This past weekend was Maddie’s birthday weekend.  Her birthday is in March and as her birthday gift from us, she chooses a “birthday weekend”.  The weekend is “all about Mad’s” and she loves it.  So, we went shopping and bought her some stuff, enjoyed watching movies…well, we watched movies and a plethora of “Full House”.   We also brought her “pup” Richard..our Granddog…Mads  loves our walks (thankfully) and Loves, Loves to have her picture taken!  We baked some brownies (which, Richard our granddog ate 2/3’s of..YIKES.  Thankfully that was not on my watch!

FullSizeRender 22FullSizeRender 21FullSizeRender 25

Oh yes…did I mention that our Granddog is a GREAT DANE?


FullSizeRender 24

Who likes to sleep with us?


Here we are going for our walkies….

FullSizeRender 23

Gramma’s girl!


What a hambone!



Making Mad’s favorite brownie recipe…little did we know…


Ready for the special birthday dinner.  Mads invited her favies Steve and Diane to accompany us!  This is turning into a tradition..


FullSizeRender 26

What a wonderful walk we had on Sunday at Claremont.  Pure joy…


Maddie on our “engagement bridge”…yep, that’s exactly where Mikey popped the question many years ago!


The task…getting Richard across the creek where our “bridge” is no longer…


Suz and Trev…They are smiling thinking about their upcoming trip back home to England!


Our favorite tree!


This Prayer of the Woods is beautiful….


Two more lovebirds….Steve and Diane






Gramma and her birthday girl….Love you Mads!


Well, I’ve got to get to editing then taking granddaughter, Hannah (4) swimming, then shopping with Diane for paint, then sifting through pictures to order canvas’ for Di and Steve’s beautiful new basement…good thing I’m retired…stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with this….


Life is Good……

Un-Easter?….Let It Go!!

Many of you that know Mike and I know that we don’t do Easter.  Well, we used to do Easter LARGE…But – we had one Easter that ended badly.  My stomach would flip over when I thought about that day, so we decided to just forget Easter. No more Easter Egg Hunts, Chocolate Bunnies, Family Dinners….

Raised Catholic and many years, a devout Catholic – I am now more a spiritualist.  I am a good person and find my peace everyday in my life.  With my family, friends, our fur babies and nature.  They are all my higher power.

So…I have decided to “Let it Go!”.  One main reason…I got a text from our granddaughter, Tessa, this Easter Sunday who asked if she should be coming to dinner.  That resonated with me for days….Why would I let something that has happened in my past affect our now?  Our future?  Thank you Tessa.  Next year we will have the biggest Easter Egg Hunt and Family Dinner on Easter Sunday. We will once again celebrate LARGE.  






Speaking of Walks…

Check out this little guy having a nap!




The colour of Lake Ontario was beautiful this morning!


How cute is this guy we met?



Before our dinner, we had a lovely walk at Claremont Conversation….ahhhhhhh, my favorite place to start a Sunday!

Thank goodness that Trev carries this stick…he’s avoided being taken out by a crazy pack of dogs running for joy!

Claremont (1 of 6)

There is a story here.  Donna, a very good friend of mine and one who kept me sane when I was single, and I decided when we were approaching the millenium, that if all went sideways..this was going to be our safe house.  It has a huge fireplace from floor to ceiling and hey, there’s lots of wood to keep us warm, lots of fruit trees, fish to dine on if need be.  It was almost sad when nothing happened on January 1, 2000!

Claremont (2 of 6)

Claremont (3 of 6)

I should have put this with the…”It’s time to be goofy” section of this blog!

Claremont (4 of 6)

Claremont (5 of 6)

c’mon Dad….I’ve warmed up and wet you seat for you!

Claremont (6 of 6)

In the mean-time, our very good friends David and Liana invited us to their Easter Dinner. We sat down with their family and had such a wonderful time.  Thank you both!! xo

Liana's and Dave's-2

Liana's and Dave's-3

Liana's and Dave's-4

Heather and her puppies!

Liana's and Dave's-5

Liana's and Dave's-6

Liana's and Dave's

Sometimes you just need to be goofy….



and just love your stuffies…


Here is something that I also have to get my head around.  TATTOOS!  Ugh…I don’t like them.  Especially on my children.  I’ve always told them that I made them perfect and not to mess up themselves with tattoos…so what did all three of them do?  They tattoo themselves….AND, they are still doing it!  I know, I know…I need to get with it.  I’m really trying to understand, as my family ALL love tattoos…

Here’s our eldest…..


Even my brother!


and the new trend…Father & Son Tattoo date!



OKAY already…I’ll get over myself.  All my loved ones  are permanently adding art to their bodies.  I’m slowing  getting that it is the way they are expressing themselves.  “Love me…Love my tattoos!”  But a funny story before I’m done ranting.  Years ago, my step-daughter, Shelby, got herself a tattoo of a monkey…and it was…well just above her “monkey”.  She showed her mother and without missing a beat, Sue told know when you’re older, that “monkey” is going to look like a gorilla”!  All is good.

I’m SO EXCITED!  Our newest piece of equipment is on its way for our photography shoots. We met a very interesting and talented member of our Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep team this week.  He is our newest member and came to meet us to get a further insight as to his newest volunteer challenge.  He showed us this amazing light and it took us all of 24 hours to buy it!  Here is the Westcott Ice Light 2!


Doesn’t look like much, but this little light is going to assist big time with our NILMDTS photography!  Can’t wait till it arrives…

Speaking of photography.  We did a “head shot” session with a young man this week.  He was one of the BEST model’s we’ve had so far.  Not only good looking, but he was a natural!


Wil 01 (1 of 1)

just wait what we can do with shadow’s when we get our new light!

Got it…But looks like Mikey’s got a new light sabre!


That’s all for now….I’ll leave you with this…



Life is Good……