A Herd Of Turtles & Very Large Hearts

Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside…Yes, even in Florida.  Due to a major dip in temperature, our sea turtles are experiencing  the second largest cold-stunning event in the Florida Panhandle since 2010, when approximately 1,800 sea turtles were rehabilitated. Sea turtles can become “cold stunned” — when their bodies go into shock due to frigid temperatures — when the waters get below 50 degrees in shallow bays and estuaries…..

Enter our Snowbird Heros….

Jann Gallager, retired officer for the Department of Natural Resourses, and a prominent and much loved member of the exclusive “Dog Walkin’ Furever Friends”,  assisted in rescuing over 850 “cold stunned” sea turtles here in Cape San Blas. Some of the sea turtles she rescued looked like they weighed more than she did!  Jann transported them approximately one and a quarter hours into the hands of Gulf World, in Panama Beach, FLA., where they are recovering in warm waters.  According to Gulf World, most of the turtles will recover within the week and returned to their waters – depending on the weather.  However, some have suffered pnuemonia and will require extra tlc.

Jann Gallager, retired officer for the Department of National Resources, and a prominent member of our Dog Walkin’ Furever Friends, assisted in rescuing over 850 cold stunned turtles.


And our Jann wasn’t the only hero here in Barrier Dunes.  Retired Vet, Jan Masica, and an owner in Barrier Dunes, stated in her facebook post that “the  turtles were rescued by people walking the shorelines and either hand carried out or transported in sleds, kayaks, and tarps. There were also people out in kayaks gathering up the turtles that were floating in shallow waters”.  Jan was instrumental in gathering many “Snowbird” volunteers to aid in the rescue and transportation of these beloved Cape San Blas sea turtles.

Jan Masica, retired vet and owner here at Barrier Dunes was instrumental in gathering snowbird volunteers to assist in the rescue


Now if that doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will.

Back a few days upon our arrival and first beach walk.  It was a little cool..well, actually it was a lot cold! But we arrived at our second home and amazing beach.  Miles of “snow” white beaches, with very few people enjoying it except us Snowbirds and our pups!


1st Beach Walk 2018-4

1st Beach Walk 2018-23

Journey and Brody goofin around.  Nice height there, Journey!1st Beach Walk 2018-14

Forever Friends…1st Beach Walk 2018-8

Yes, that’s a Canadian Touque..1st Beach Walk 2018-9

Brody’s first dip1st Beach Walk 2018-19

A happy crew!1st Beach Walk 2018-31

And now for the necessities….Piggly Wiggly’s for groceries and The Dockside for our traditional Grouper Fingers…oh yeah!


Can’t get enough seafood…Yummy shrimp donned our tableIMG_2470

and very tired pups after a wonderful day of sunshine, swimming and playing with their friendsIMG_4675IMG_8362


And then enters Christine, Phil and Olive!

Are they here yet?Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-2

While we wait…..

Magic plays with reflections on the sand..Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-3

And there swimming, of courseChristine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-7

Tam Tam with her ball…Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-12

And goofin around…Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-10And trying to dunk the turtle hero…Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-15

and trying to make up with the turtle hero…Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-14

And there they are!  Christine, Phil and Little Olive with her ball!Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-16

Can you think of a better welcoming???Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-17

True to form!  Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-22

After more than a year, we are reunited with our dear friends!Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-23

Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-25Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-26Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-30

One happy, wet puppy!Christine, Phil and Olive's welcoming-32

So there’s a story about milk and the way it’s packaged in Ontario, Alberta and ummm…now in Florida.  Bags vs Jugs.  Our dear new Ennismore neighbours, Mary and Jeff, swear by the jugs and have…ahem, made a little fun of our Ontario milk “bags”.  So, as seniors, let’s see how this fends for us trying to open the “jug”….IMG_6284.JPG

So what do you think?  Bag or Jug?  Regardless, we are dining on amazing grouper fingers made by our boys….YUM!

IMG_2853 2IMG_0438

Last but certainly not least, the ladies are dining out at Apalachicola’s Owl Cafe, (with shopping to follow!) while our men are golfing….our favorite place to eat!


An amazing first week!  Now we wait for Claudio, Kimmy and Meca to join our clan this weekend!

Let me leave you with this….


Life Is Good…..


We Made It…..

…despite the weather.

We slept in a bit on the 2nd days drive, and it’s a good thing we did.  As usual, before leaving the hotel we double, triple check the room to ensure that we haven’t left anything; had a great continental breakast and headed out for LaGrange Georgia, our second of three travel days to Cape San Blas(t).

All was great driving through Kentucky and then into Tennessee when I asked Mikey to hand me my sunglasses, as I was driving.  OK, my family and friends know what’s coming next, as I lose my sunglasses everytime I travel.  I have an expensive taste in glasses, so during every day life, I always make a point of knowing where they are at all times.  Dominican, lost my Gucci’s.  Next Dominican trip, I lost my Maui Jim’s.  Last year at The Cape, I lost my Tiffinie’s (which were prescription glasses and our new found friends, Pat & Rick Smith found them!).  Michigan, I lost my prized polarized Ray Ban’s.  And now, I’ve lost my newest designer glasses who’s name I can’t remember..(some guy that charges a lot of money for his name). But there’s good news!  I call the hotel, Country Inn and Suites, Georgetown Kentucky, and they found them!  I can get them on the way back…in TWO MONTHS!  The other good news is that when I stopped at Costco, they had these amazing polarized sunglasses, which I love…and they were only $25.00!  Maybe that’s the way to go.  Like everything at Costco, if you like ’em..pick up a couple!

The drive through the rest of Kentucky and into Tennessee was beautiful and sunny…Then on to Atlanta, Georgia.  All I can say is..Atlanta, we are no longer friends.  We’re breaking up and I never want to see you again.  Highway closures, accidents, detours and even more accidents.  Nope, no more second chances for you.  We’re done.  I’m going to take up with Nashville and i65 from now on.


Next morning, we both awake early and decide to forego a Cracker Barrel breakfast (really?) to get on the road to our destination..Cape San Blas(t)!

The morning sunrise is beautiful…mist and all.



Better still, the temperature is warming up!

img_0124-2(that’s 22 celsius for the Canadian folk)

And we are (almost) there!  We arrive at the Piggly Wiggly…..


….and bump into Trevor & Suz and friends we met here last year who are from Ottawa, Claudio and Kim.  So it goes like this…I run into pick up a few things and Mikey stays outside with Brody.  He’s sitting on the bench in front of the store when Trevor sits down beside him…they have a good yuk  and then  run into Kim & Claudio, friends we met at the Cape last year who are from Ottawa.   I come out of Piggly’s and see the gang….Trev tells me Suz still in Piggly’s.  So I go back in and spot her at the fish counter.  I sneak up behind her and give her a hug…she sees it’s me and immediately starts to cry and hug me and tell me how much she has missed me…we’re hugging and Suz crying when I say..”Suz..it’s only been a week since I’ve seen you”…as the nice lady behind the fish counter looks on in disbelief..Canadian’s eh?

WE ARRIVE to our home away from home.  It’s like we’ve never left!  We dump out stuff, change into our shorts and head for the beach with the Lewin’s……and so it begins…..


Suz doing her happy dance!


Brody is beyond excited to be back on the beach!first-beach-walk-and-dinner-2



Lovin life!first-beach-walk-and-dinner-13

It’s contagiousfirst-beach-walk-and-dinner-14

The three Amigo’sfirst-beach-walk-and-dinner-16

Two newbies! Their first year at The Cape…betcha it won’t be their last!


Then two pups become three as Kim, Claudio and Mecca join us on the beachfirst-beach-walk-and-dinner-19

Mecca strollinfirst-beach-walk-and-dinner-24





At last!….Ruth and Ken arrive and meet for dinner at our place with the Lewin’s…Suz yummy, yummy Chili and some shrimp boil..


First of many, many wonderful meals together…just missing two more of our buddies, Janny & Nancy…They’ll be here soon!


What an amazing beginning to creating some wonderful memories!


I’ll leave you with this…


Life Is Good…..

We’re “Pooped”

It’s been a few weeks since the last blog…so much has happened that I really didn’t know where to start.

So let’s start on a rather smelly note…”Poop”…  As a Grandmother, I really don’t have to be involved wth a lot of poop (other than picking up Brody the dogs).  Yes, I will run them to the bathroom when they are over or assist them when we are at their homes…but I forget the golden rule….Don’t leave home without it…a poop that is.

Youngest daughter, Melissa and her husband Lucas needed to spend some special time with their middle daughter, Hannah as most middle kids do, and we agreed to a sleepover with Abbey 5 and Emma 3.  We have a young family a couple doors down with children about the same ages and they get along quite well…Actually, Abbey is in love with Max and has been for the past year…here’s a then and now:-

We had a little campfire and roasted S’mores (don’t do it..they really don’t like them and what a MESS!).  I bought this contraption that is suppose to cook them already assembled…NOT!  All that does is burn the snot out of the cookie, which results in turned up noses.  Just do the marshmallows like we used to!



I digress…back to the poop.

During the campfire, Heidi (the mom of the “boy next door” and her little daughter, Malia) suggested that we take the kids to the park in the morning to work off some energy.  So off we went:-


…without insisting on a bathroom break beforehand.

I only just get to the park, set up my camera for some fun shots…and I hear from Emma (littlest)..”Neema, I have to go pee”….so, I put down my camera with Heidi promising to watch over it with her life and take Emma back the 5 houses for a pee.  She was successful and we trotted (no pun intended) back to the park.  I get ready for some serious fun shots with the Nikon…and I hear – “Neema, I have to….poop”…back we go, Emma in toe, back the 5 houses for a poop.  Unfortunately, there was no success.  However, when a 3 year old tells you they have to poop, you don’t mess around.  Back to the park.

Enters Hannah…the middle-est that that had a fun one on one with her parents who have come to collect the other two of their charges.  I see them pull in and go to meet her and bring her to the park….We only just get down there and I hear those dreaded words…”Neema, I have to POOP”!…..Back I “trot” the 5 houses for a poop.  Hannah insists that I accompany her and stay with her during her “movement”.  “Sit right there on the bathtub, Neema”…to which I comply with her demand.  “Neema…I have to tell you something”….(me) “What is it Hannah?”….”Neema, I need to….FOCUS”, and she scrunches up her nose and forms a complete “O” with her little mouth, raises her hands and touches her thumb to her forefingers and out of the little “O” mouth comes a ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sound.  I almost fell off the bathtub trying to subdue my laughter….

I did finally capture some shots…









And finally…..the “FOCUSED POOPER’


I’ll leave you with this…




April (Snow) Showers…(Hopefully) Bring May Flowers…

So what type of “Spring” are y’all having?  We aren’t!  Nope, no Spring for us in Ontario.  I love the cartoon on Facebook that has arrested Queen Elsa for her continuous singing of “Let it Snow”…enough already!  I’m done….paaaaallleease!  Not only me, but our poor birdies who were fooled into thinking that Spring was here…




Well, like all things in life…you have to make the best of it…so I do what I love…and take pictures of Mother Nature’s nasty joke…






These poor robin’s are desperately seeking something to eat!  Maybe the worms are also confused and have crawled onto the road?  NOT!


IMG_7994 3There is someone who loves the snow!


Enough complaining…..My life is full and I really do enjoy every single second of it!

Below is our Granddaughter Tessa, Abbey, youngest daughter, Melissa and youngest grandchild Emma along with our grand-niece McKinlea whos’ brother is having his 1st birthday!


Happy 1st Birthday Chace!


Emma and McKinlea.  Melissa wanted me to take this picture as McKinlea (1st born) is eating vegetables and Emma (3rd born) is eating chocolate!


So, we’ve started…and it’s a huge job.  Painting.  YUK!  I don’t like it because I’m horrible at it!  Seriously.  I’m too impatient.  Mikey has accused me of painting over the outlets. Anyway, we have cathedral ceilings – so the first thing we did is buy a scaffold.  We did the math and it would have been cheaper just to buy it.  We (don’t you love the operative “WE”) have to mud and sand a lot of the ceiling, due to cracks over the years..so it’s a labourous job and one that is rather lethargic.  My job is to sand and paint (wish me luck!) the windows.  We are painting them white.  I’m hoping that I can do a good job and take my time.  I’m going to pretend I’m editing photos, which is precise and cannot be rushed.  Thank goodness that our good friend, Steve, is helping us!

Here is the “before” window.  There is another on the other side of the dining room as well….


Stevie..you are such a good friend!


..and a great contractor!


For the time being, our living room and dining room are off limits..except for the dog and cats..they think they’re special.

We had a surprise from our very good friends Tina and Don who decided, on April Fools Day to get married and NOT tell anyone.  You see, they left us to move to Nova Scotia (sniff, sniff)  Congratulations…We love you both!

T&D (3 of 5)

We always teased that they should get married in Claremont, where we all met….so I had a little fun with their picture!


But it’s not all work…

This past weekend was Maddie’s birthday weekend.  Her birthday is in March and as her birthday gift from us, she chooses a “birthday weekend”.  The weekend is “all about Mad’s” and she loves it.  So, we went shopping and bought her some stuff, enjoyed watching movies…well, we watched movies and a plethora of “Full House”.   We also brought her “pup” Richard..our Granddog…Mads  loves our walks (thankfully) and Loves, Loves to have her picture taken!  We baked some brownies (which, Richard our granddog ate 2/3’s of..YIKES.  Thankfully that was not on my watch!

FullSizeRender 22FullSizeRender 21FullSizeRender 25

Oh yes…did I mention that our Granddog is a GREAT DANE?


FullSizeRender 24

Who likes to sleep with us?


Here we are going for our walkies….

FullSizeRender 23

Gramma’s girl!


What a hambone!



Making Mad’s favorite brownie recipe…little did we know…


Ready for the special birthday dinner.  Mads invited her favies Steve and Diane to accompany us!  This is turning into a tradition..


FullSizeRender 26

What a wonderful walk we had on Sunday at Claremont.  Pure joy…


Maddie on our “engagement bridge”…yep, that’s exactly where Mikey popped the question many years ago!


The task…getting Richard across the creek where our “bridge” is no longer…


Suz and Trev…They are smiling thinking about their upcoming trip back home to England!


Our favorite tree!


This Prayer of the Woods is beautiful….


Two more lovebirds….Steve and Diane






Gramma and her birthday girl….Love you Mads!


Well, I’ve got to get to editing then taking granddaughter, Hannah (4) swimming, then shopping with Diane for paint, then sifting through pictures to order canvas’ for Di and Steve’s beautiful new basement…good thing I’m retired…stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with this….


Life is Good……